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They call it noise.
We call it Techno.

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District Facility is a digital TECHNO music label based in Lithuania.

District Facility label has a vast range of Techno music sub-genres from deep, underground and old school minimal to experimental Techno. Goal of our Disctrict Facility label is to push Techno DJs, Techno Producers and Techno Music further into the world.

Just in three years District Facility has made new contracts with many talented and passionate, about Techno music, artists. We gathered the most perspective underground Techno artists.

Our label has a podcast, which is called District Facility Radio. Tune into District Facility Radio Podcast on Techno channel Sundays 4PM – 6PM UTC @ Techno.fm. Search for District Facility on fnoob.com and techno.fm to find out more details.

On District Facility Radio we put out even more Techno from such artists as: AgonyForces, Liss C., Drugstore, Hallucin.


Tom Trax

Enter The District EP

Jay Wong

Sounds from the Moon EP






Avoid EP


Acid EP

Teemu T

Focuswrite EP


Darkology EP


Covert EP

Christian E

New Generation EP


Third From Down EP


Havas Tavasz EP


Creaky Chair Symphony

Dope Hex

In Moon Is A Man

Hoth System

Vow of Silence EP


District Facility Podcast is all about news, exclusive tracks and new names in Techno music industry.

District Facility Radio Podcast Fnoob.com - very 4 Week - Friday - 00:00 - 02:00 (UK Time) District Facility Radio Podcast - Techno.fm - Sunday 4pm - 6pm UCT (6pm - 8pm UCT+2) on the TECHNO Channel District Facility Radio Podcast Archive in MixCloud

It's more than music.

It's a lifestyle.

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